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Big Bang Theory Season 10

Episode Summary

Philip & Adriana binge & discuss Big Bang Theory Season 10! The two comment on the aftermath of the Season 9 Finale with Alfred & Mary's "night-cap", the brilliant casting of Katey Sagal as Penny's mother, Bernadette & Howard adapting to parenthood as well as Raj's descent back into loneliness & desperation. It is all wrapped up with an exciting discussion of the Season 10 Finale with the return of Dr. Ramona Nowitzki & A SHAMY PROPOSAL! Join Philip & Adriana next week for their binge & discussion of Big Bang Theory Season 11! ONLY 2 MORE SEASONS TO COVER BEFORE THE NEXT SITCOM! WHOO! For more information follow @sitcomsitdown on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook or visit

Episode Notes

Big Bang Theory Season 10 Binge/DIscussion