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Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episodes 13-17 Part 3

Episode Summary

Sorry we are a day late sitcom junkies! We are back this week finishing up our discussion of Big Bang Theory Season 1! In Part 3 of 3: we finally get to see the set-up for a Leonard and Penny relationship and this leads to a long debate about who could have done what differently...No we are serious, it's a long debate! Lol Tune in next week as we cover the first half of Big Bang Theory Season 2! For more information, check out Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @sitcomsitdown

Episode Notes

**At the beginning of the episode we say that we will discuss the remainder of the season in 2 parts: 13-15 and 16&17. However, due to our debate in Episode 13's discussion and our long debate over the season finale, we had to break the episode up into 3 parts
Episode 17: The Tangerine Factor