Sitcom Sit-Down

SPECIAL EPISODE! Sit-Down with Caleb Pierce

Episode Summary

IT'S OUR FIRST OFFICIAL SIT-DOWN & INTERVIEW WITH ACTOR, CALEB PIERCE! Philip Skyped with Caleb and they discussed their love for sitcoms and even musical theatre, what coming to LA from a small town in Texas to pursue acting was like, what he does in to relax and have fun and what have been some of the most rewarding/challenging roles. Caleb's credits include a hilarious YouTube series, Roomates, Insecure, Mom, Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, Veep, The Real O'Neals, and much more! Join Philip & Adriana next time as they binge and discuss Big Bang Theory Season 10! For more information follow @sitcomsitdown on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook or visit

Episode Notes

Interview with Actor: CALEB PIERCE