Sitcom Sit-Down

Big Bang Theory Season 3 Part 1

Episode Summary

Happy Hump Day Sitcom Junkies! We are back! Today we are continuing the bang fest and breaking down The Big Bang Theory Season 3! In this episode: we scratch the surface of season three with an in-depth discussion of "The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation" (Episode 301) where we continue to obsess over Mary Cooper, mention Howard dressed up as a knock-off cowgirl and Leonard and Penny finally engaging in coitus...OH! Philip not only butchers Bernadette Rostenkowski's last name but also makes Stan Lee turn over in his grave! It's all wrapped up with a discussion of Penny and Leonard's break up which we continue in the next episode when we finish breaking down season three! For more information: follow @sitcomsitdown on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or visit